Core Process Psychotherapy

Therapy is concerned with helping you to open up to your potential, your wisdom and your compassion which lies at the heart of the human condition.


Healing comes from our understanding of the ways we hold onto our suffering and a deeper connection with our core self which we believe to be inherently good and healthy.


It is a gentle, experiential approach encompassing our thought processes, emotions, sensations and their expression in the body. It is non-judgemental and inclusive and aims to bring awareness to the conscious and unconscious aspects of our being.


Core process psychotherapy is rooted in the Buddhist understanding of personality and consciousness. It is integrated with current western psychotherapeutic theory and practice.


One of the core principles of this therapy is that awareness is in itself healing and transformative.


The Karuna Institute provides opportunities for deepening embodied awareness and cultivating presence and openheartedness in relationship. The integration of mindfulness practices with western psychotherapeutic practices is entirely unique. The institute is evolving its own wisdom tradition, which acknowledges its ancient roots in Buddhist psychology, ethics and practice and also its roots in western psychotherapeutic psychodynamic practice.


I completed the 4 year training in Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute and graduated in 2011.

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